Sunday, November 29, 2009

Several days ago I composed a blog in my mind, but never got around to posting it. Now, I have the time and can't remember a thing I wanted to and it was so profound at the time that it scares me.
In our Sunday morning book group we were discussing the closing chapters of C.S.Lewis's Mere Christianity. If you read it, you must bear in mind that he was talking to people just after WWII in the mid-1940's. Despite the fact that it is written using the male pronoun throughout, much of what he has to say is relevant today. We ended up talking about the 'elect' and predestination. My view, and that of some other theological scholars, is that we are all elect or predestined for heaven---many people just don't know it. Those who don't have this perspective include the churched and well as the unchurched. What difference does it make--- knowing that one is predestined for heaven? I think it makes it possible for us to be open to God, Allah, All-that-Is or whatever term you use for the Ultimate. We don't have to worry about what others think, but how to live in sync with The All. We are never forgotten or discarded or too bad to be included---The All is always with us and able to help us through. I didn't plan to get theological, but the lingering conversations from the morning seem to be resonating through the day so I decided to share them with you. May the hole within you, which some call the "God Hole", be filled in a reassuring way.

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Jennifer said...

I personally believe that "knowing" now...Heaven, gives me heaven NOW rather than thinking it is illusive until sometime later. I also believe that ALL are destined to heaven, but some simply do not know.

Beautiful simplistic post. I enjoyed this. Thank you.