Sunday, November 29, 2009

Several days ago I composed a blog in my mind, but never got around to posting it. Now, I have the time and can't remember a thing I wanted to and it was so profound at the time that it scares me.
In our Sunday morning book group we were discussing the closing chapters of C.S.Lewis's Mere Christianity. If you read it, you must bear in mind that he was talking to people just after WWII in the mid-1940's. Despite the fact that it is written using the male pronoun throughout, much of what he has to say is relevant today. We ended up talking about the 'elect' and predestination. My view, and that of some other theological scholars, is that we are all elect or predestined for heaven---many people just don't know it. Those who don't have this perspective include the churched and well as the unchurched. What difference does it make--- knowing that one is predestined for heaven? I think it makes it possible for us to be open to God, Allah, All-that-Is or whatever term you use for the Ultimate. We don't have to worry about what others think, but how to live in sync with The All. We are never forgotten or discarded or too bad to be included---The All is always with us and able to help us through. I didn't plan to get theological, but the lingering conversations from the morning seem to be resonating through the day so I decided to share them with you. May the hole within you, which some call the "God Hole", be filled in a reassuring way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You've gotta laugh

Sometimes you've got to laugh. I had composed a blog and was basically whining about a change in my physical abilities. Since I'm using my laptop, not my desktop to compose this post, I decided to see if I could access photos from my desktop files to insert here. I found the photo I wanted and inserted it into a blank space ---the previous blog had not been saved. Fortunately, you have avoided the annoying experience of reading my complaint. Cyberspace just wasn't up to it today.
The labyrinth shown here is at the Casa del Sol on Ghost Ranch just north of Abiquiu where I attended a retreat for women. Labyrinths are wonderful opportunities to address issues, search for peace and/or talk to God. I first walked a labyrinth when I was in a position with heavy responsibilites in Baltimore. Walking the labyrinth didn't always give me insights to solve work or life problems although that happened on occasion. The experience often gave me a sense of peace that carried me through the day. I hope that you have one near you. It's worth the time.
May your day be filled with joy,
May you find the strength you need to deal with life's challenges, and
May you find peace.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Human Connections

Over the last two weeks I've become much more aware of basic human connections. While there are heights and terrible lows inherent with these relationships, they are essential to us for growth and maturation.

I've pondered the joys of connections and rediscovered how integral they are for the affirmation of my sense of who I am. There is delight in recognizing myself as I hear others talk, regardless of age. It's not an age 'thing', but a state of being the person I am and finding a kind of unity with another.

There is also the opposite; the absolute rift in effective communication with another as if we're broadcasting on completely different frequencies and unable to receive messages from the other. There has to be a willingness on both sides to bridge the chasm. Alone, one person cannot build a bridge. As I reflect on these failures, I often gain new insights about why the communication doesn't and possibly can't work now. If I'm honest with myself, I often recognize something of my weaknesses in these failures because they also reveal my faults.

It is an element of relationship, not defined by blood, but by a desire to learn and understand more about the other. It entails risk and adventure because the very nature of true communication is that both will be changed in some way, even when the connection cannot be made.

Does this make sense to you? I hope so. And if not, maybe I did not write well, or I just have more to learn.