Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exploring New Options

The last few weeks have been difficult since I am still recovering from the latest flare-up of peripheral neuropathy. Since the nerves in my legs are affected, it's hard to rest them. I don't want to come to a full stop as there are so many things to do.
Autumn is always a busy time of year with our fruit trees and care of the pond and gardens. We're making apple butter and applesauce using winesap and golden delicious apples from our trees. Yesterday, a neighbor gave us peaches so we'll be freezing them, making pies and possibly peach butter. Preserving the fruit in various forms gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. Of course, there's always the fun of eating the sauces, jams and butters later.
At Outskirts Press's suggestion, I created an author center on Amazon. I'm not sure who benefits from this, but it is free for the authors who have books listed on their website. My writing projects are playing second fiddle to the autumn chores, but I hope to get going soon.
Until next time, enjoy the changes of the season --- we had snow on the mountains this morning.