Thursday, March 26, 2009

PS Book Reviews

The event in Santa Fe taught me a lot about marketing books. One thing I noticed was that authors print out their reviews from and use them as handouts at book fairs. If you have read Malarial Fevers and or Unspoken Farewell please take a moment and write a short review on
Thank you veery much.
Happy Spring!
Although it's snowing today, we've got daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths in bloom. Hopefully this storm will not do too much damage to our fragile plants. The fish are quite active in our pond and I even fed them when the water temperature was warm enough.
Back to writing. I'm pleased to let you know that the third book, Unpredictable Crossing is being considered by a publisher. If they decide to proceed with publication, the book should be available this year. I've also been working on some short stories for submission to a contest. They have the potential to become a book, if I write a few more. Last Saturday, I participated in a book fair in combination with a literacy event in Santa Fe.
May spring time bring you delights as the flowers bloom and trees dress themselves in their finery.
Please send me a note whenever you can.