Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's here!

When a book is finally published, it always feeks as if I've achieved some major accomplishment and this one is no exception. Finally have the book in hand and I've ordered copies for a book signing and to sell.
This book was a struggle because it's completely fiction which is different from the first two books which had a very definite storyline to follow since they were based on the lives of real people. There were editors who refused to work with the concept and others who were dubious. I knew that if I just worked hard enough, the story would tell itself. I hope that you find the story engaging.
Wokring with a new published has offered me other options to make my book available so this time, it's also available in e-book and Kindle. I'm sure this will offer me another adventure. Now another phase of work begins as I try to let people know that the book has been 'born.'
Maybe next time I can tell you about my new writing project.
Until then,
Enjoy the summer.

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